Doomsday super merchants

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Although under the armor, she could not see the appearance

Although under the armor, she could not see the appearance of Zhou yuanqiang at all, but she could really feel the person who always had a bad smile inside the armor. In a short period of half a month, his appearance was deeply engraved in his mind and appeared in his dreams countless times. Whether it is the so-called love, or want to find a safe dependence, it is undeniable that Shuimulian knows that he has taken root in his heart. Zhou yuanqiang is actually here. It's a bit of a coincidence. From the capture of the city and. After the city, the troops were temporarily repaired in the city, and the plan for the city's offensive was still being worked out. In the face of the most distinctive city of the Big 6, it is not prepared to send out the air force, but to use a large number of crystalline weapons in the way of ground forces. Recalling everything he had experienced and thinking of the people on the water curtain island, Zhou yuanqiang planned to come and have a look. With the ability of the class mother ship, as early as over the city of O, the early warning aircraft that took off was already a destroyer leaving the port. After that, it was all the way to the direction of the destroyer. Unexpectedly, just arrived at the top, the following interesting scene appeared. To be honest, Zhou yuanqiang was very moved to see the colorful umbrella flag flying on the destroyer. He had never thought of this water lotus. It's still hanging on the destroyer. As for the oil well, its production, through the data, can be known clearly, is indeed a rich well. Thought it was close to the city. It must be a lie to say that you are not tempted. At least supplies don't have to travel thousands of miles from Cold Lake to get here. Now seeing Shui Mulian looking at her silly appearance, Zhou yuanqiang immediately raised his sword with one hand and shook her face with the refraction of sunlight. He giggled: "Why, are you fascinated by my cool appearance?"? Ha ha, back to the soul, how a few months no see,Porcelain Marble Slabs, but like a nymphomaniac? Being dazzled by the light refracted by the sun, Shuimulian's face became cold and she said, "Are you also called cool like this?"? Like a madman or an idiot. Zhou yuanqiang made a movement to show his muscles and said, "Why, isn't it like the Metamorphosis?" This shows the appearance of muscle, funny unceasingly, some of the feeling of four unlike. So Shui Mulian gave a rare laugh. She shook her head desperately and said, "My arm is thicker than yours. Can you also call it a Metamorphosis?" She bit her lip and asked, "Why are you back?" Zhou yuanqiang did not feel anything about her biting her lips,Agate Stone Price, but Xu Zihua, opposite Shuimulian, was almost taken away by her soul. As soon as he thought of this pair of dog men and women, as soon as they met, they were flirting, as if they had become transparent. Think of such a lovely person, the smile is not their own, the anger in the heart is burning, holding a pistol, is to the sky "bang" to check, shouted: "Shut up, here is Lao Tzu's territory, all want to listen to Lao Tzu." Zhou yuanqiang looked at Xu Zihua confusedly, shook his head and said, "Neuropathy, do you think you are China Mobile?" Shui Mulian couldn't help giggling again, and for the first time, she covered her mouth like a daughter and snickered. Anyway, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Slate Wall Panel, as soon as Zhou yuanqiang appeared, his empty heart became full, and she didn't want to take care of the idea here. In her opinion, he must have done everything. Hearing Zhou yuanqiang scold himself as a neuropathy, Xu Zihua almost spouted fire and pointed at Zhou yuanqiang with a gun. "Smelly boy," he scolded, "I haven't settled the account with you yet. I'm thinking about finding you. A thousand cuts and ten thousand scrapes. Now it's better to throw yourself into the trap and want to die. All over the oil well, some of the men with guns were half surrounded by the small dock, and some were standing above the oil well, commanding a commanding position. As long as there is a slight change in the people below, they will definitely be shot to death. In Xu Zihua's opinion. With these twenty or thirty people on the destroyer, they could not escape from their own hands at all. And the destroyer was frozen by its own torpedo boat. Two anti-ship missiles can't destroy the oil well. But two torpedoes will definitely kill the destroyer. It can be said that the scene here is firmly in their own hands. Xu Zihua, who felt that victory was in hand, walked up to Zhou yuan-qiang in a tut-tut voice. He circled around Zhou yuan-qiang and said with a smile, "Boy, you, Pao Jun is willing to spend a lot of money, even this kind of mecha.". You've got it, too, but I don't know how long you can cheat. Zhou yuanqiang narrowed his eyes and did not move, so he turned around and said, "My armor.". It's not for picking up girls, it's for saving your life. "Save Your Life?". Xu Zihua burst out laughing. He put a gun against Zhou yuanqiang's head and shouted, "Save your mother's life. Believe it or not, I'll kill you with one shot and throw you into the sea to feed the fish." Shui Mulian, who was standing next to her, was startled. "Xu Zihua," she said angrily, "you let him go. What kind of hero is he? "Let him go?". Xu Zihua glanced at Shui Mulian and ignored her. Instead, he stared at Zhou yuanqiang and said, "Did you hear that? She told me to let you go."? Ha ha, what a joke. If it weren't for you, I would have been in the way last time. Why wait until now? He looked like crazy, pointing to the huge carving that Zhou yuanqiang was still holding up, and asked, "Aren't you tired of holding it like this?" With Zhou yuanqiang's ability, the giant sword in his hand can be completely clapped, or crossed, so that the Cangjuan, who has fallen into madness, can roll far away. But he was suddenly interested, pretending to be very tired, murmured: "Oh, you do not say.". I don't feel my hands are sore. In Xu Zihua's eyes appeared a play poem, said: "Carry a toy sword, you also have the nerve to say that the hand is sour?". Who knows he just finished, Zhou yuanqiang in the hands of the sword, is already "when" to put on the iron plate of the small dock, with Zhou yuanqiang secretly sent out the strength of the hand, hard and sharp incomparable sword, like cutting tofu, directly on the iron plate surface, "how. The ground was inserted. Three meters long sword, only less than one meter was held by Zhou yuanqiang. Xu Zihua, who was also making sarcastic remarks in the online magazine,Calacatta Quartz Slab, saw this scene, and his eyeballs almost fell to the ground. It seems that someone has touched the acupoint, and the net wants to say something. But the sound came out like a rooster whose throat had been cut.