Peasant woman reborn in the eighties

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When Qin Zhanguo called her, she opened her eyes in a daze,

When Qin Zhanguo called her, she opened her eyes in a daze, "Did I fall asleep?" "Well," Qin Zhanguo helped her sit up, dark eyes full of worry, "these days how your spirit is so bad, why don't you go directly to the city hospital to check later, I really don't trust you like this." Especially when he has to leave in a month, how can he rest assured that his wife is like this. Liu Yun rubbed her eyes and shook her head. "It's all right. Go to the infirmary first." When she stood up, she was dizzy again. Qin Zhanguo hugged her with one hand. "No, don't eat. Go and have a look first." Then a princess hugged the man in her arms. Hey, you put me down, so let people see how humiliating ah. However, it was obvious that Qin Zhanguo, who had always been reserved outside, ignored everything at this time and went straight out of the door with people in his arms, not caring about the eyes of the people along the way, and went straight to the infirmary. The doctor on duty in the infirmary was an old man in his fifties, a surgeon. When he saw Qin Zhanguo rushing in, he hurriedly put people on the stretcher bed. As soon as Liu Yun lay on the bed, he hurried to see the wound, but it seemed that there was not a drop of blood. What's the matter? Where did it hurt? Qin Zhanguo's face was red and he was asked,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, "He said he was uncomfortable, vomiting and dizzy." “……” The doctor was stupefied for a moment, took a look at Liu Yun, and then took out the unique skill he had taught by the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in those years-feeling the pulse. He put his finger on Liu Yun's wrist. After a moment, he asked tentatively: "Will you retch in the morning? Will you feel that you are often not energetic and energetic?" "Right, right, right." Liu Yun nodded hurriedly. Qin Zhanguo Wen Yan, a burst of chagrin in the heart, his daughter-in-law how he has not seen these symptoms,ultrasonic generator driver, all blame themselves usually too careless, so that she came to see a doctor so late. If this is delayed, he will really shoot himself. How is my lover? Is it serious? Looking at this young couple, the old doctor was speechless. Although there was no distinction between men and women in the doctor's eyes, he really only treated these big men in his life. It was not easy for him to say this kind of thing. The doctor looked like he wanted to speak and stopped, which made Liu Yun and Qin Zhanguo look bad. Especially Liu Yun, she died of illness in her previous life, what she feared most in her life was to be hospitalized, is it possible that the tragedy of her previous life will be staged in this life? A burst of bitterness in her heart, this has just begun life, watching. Thinking of this, her eyes were red, and she took Qin Zhanguo's hand, "Zhanguo." His voice choked up. Xiao Yun, don't be afraid, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, we go to the big hospital, no matter what disease can be cured. Qin Zhanguo's eyes also flashed with pain. He held Liu Yun's hand tightly and thought what to do if he was really sick. Cough, cough, cough. The old doctor couldn't stand it any more, so he had to interrupt them by pretending to cough. Seeing both husband and wife looking at him, he felt embarrassed and touched his nose. "In fact, it's nothing, that is, there will be more children in the future, and you two will suffer a little." Is that clear enough for him? ……” Qin Zhanguo and Liu Yun were stunned. Qin Zhanguo swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked nervously and cautiously, "Doctor, what do you mean?" The old doctor rolled his eyes, "I said so clearly, why don't you understand? How can you educate this child in the future?" After the education, the old doctor felt comfortable. After staying in the military region for a long time, he felt that he was also infected with the bad temper of these soldiers. Now Qin Zhanguo is really stunned, children, education children, this means. He turned to look at Liu Yun, "Xiao Yun, we." "Warring States, we have children." Liu Yun is also very excited, two lifetimes add up, this is the first time pregnant. Qin Zhanguo nodded happily, "Well, I'm going to be a father." The old doctor curled his lips. "Leng Tou Qing." Qin Zhanguo, who had just been promoted to be his father, had already lost his previous calmness and returned home with Liu Yun in his arms. He was happy and did not feel embarrassed at all in the face of other people's criticism along the way. After returning home, Liu Yun was trapped in bed. Qin Zhanguo stood beside the bed and covered her with a blanket. You haven't eaten yet at noon. I'll heat up the soup for you. Liu Yun Wen Yan, the whole person is not good. This is only two months pregnant, if according to the Qin Warring States like this, she is not going to lie in bed for ten months? Thinking of this, she felt a chill and pulled Qin Zhanguo not to let her go. Warring States, don't do this. I heard my sisters-in-law say before that when they have children, doctors let them exercise properly, which is good for their children. "Really?" Qin Zhanguo had some doubts, he felt that Liu Yun did not look very strong, and now that he had children, he was even more vulnerable. Liu Yun saw that he was suspicious and immediately nodded. Really, other people's daughters-in-law who have children are not lying in bed? Qin Zhanguo really thought about it carefully. It seemed that when his mother had four younger sisters in her stomach, she worked in the fields all day. As a result, when four younger sisters were born, they grew very well. Okay, but you can't run both sides for a while. Qin Zhanguo took a step back and made a request at the same time. OK Liu Yun smiled and nodded. Although this child did not come in the time she planned, but since it came, it was also a treasure in her heart, and she naturally cherished it. It's just that the phone should be installed at home, otherwise some decisions will not be made in time, and the loss will be great. The couple reached an agreement and began to prepare for the child happily. Qin Zhanguo would smoke a little before, and as soon as he heard the doctor say that these were not good for pregnant women and children,ultrasonic metal welding, he immediately sent out all the cigarettes he had collected. When people got his cigarettes, they couldn't help asking him why he was so generous. He smirked and touched his head. "It's not convenient to have more children at home." So only one afternoon, the entire military building all know that the Qin battalion commander's family is going to add a son.