Lady Lord from the East

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If it were anyone else, they would dare to boast that this is the new style of Wangdu, but when they come, they dare not.

If it were anyone else, they would dare to boast that this is the new style of Wangdu, but when they come, they dare not. This is the Earl's family, and if they are found to be inconsistent with the facts, their heads will not be enough to cut off. Wei Wei did not understand the popularity of Prady Wang Du, but after looking through all the fabrics, she took a fancy to a piece of red woolen cloth and a piece of fine linen with golden patterns. The apprentice introduced: "This fast wool is woven with the finest cashmere after dyeing, which is very comfortable and warm, and the patterns on this fine linen are all woven with gold wire drawn from gold, which guarantees genuine goods." The color of the woolen cloth is very pure red, while the dense gold thread pattern on the fine linen completely covers the color of the cloth itself, and the existence of fine linen can hardly be seen. Those patterns are not embroidered, but woven with gold thread mixed with fine linen, so the cloth is not as soft as ordinary fine linen, but very stiff, and the feel is different. Both fabrics are pure and gorgeous in color, and with their high cost, they are indeed fabrics that only nobles can use. It is precious enough to dress the queen with such a piece of cloth, even if it is not in fashion. Because it costs six hundred gold coins just to buy a piece of fine linen woven with gold thread that can probably make a skirt. If European nobles wear such precious cloth,chrome washing machine, it is no wonder that their clothes will not be changed frequently. Even if a skirt made of precious materials is damaged, it can continue to be worn for more than ten years. However, although the price is really expensive, but whether it is workmanship or patterns are very good, so Wei Wei did not bargain, directly let the apprentice wrap up the two pieces of cloth, according to the size of the two pieces of cloth, can make two different styles of skirts,mineral flotation, in addition to giving away, she can also keep one. After all, we are going to get married. If there is no accident, how can we be careless about the once-in-a-lifetime wedding? Since the wedding dress can't be a pure white bride's wedding dress, it's also very good to make a gorgeous rococo skirt in Gone with the Wind. And after using it, you can take it apart and make other clothes, match it with other fabrics, and make a few more different styles of banquet dresses. Consciously diligent and thrifty Wei Wei secretly nodded with satisfaction, completely did not think that the wedding dress really dismantled will not be unlucky and so on. I'm afraid, not to mention Felix, no one else would allow her to do that. The author has something to say: it is impossible to update 15 chapters at a time, because for the sake of full attendance on the 30th and 31st, it has to be updated normally, so the next 31st is also three chapters, magnetic separator machine ,Portable gold trommel, and then two chapters will be updated every day until the manuscript is used up. To tell the truth, I am a party of three thousand in one chapter, and I am already working hard according to the standard of double more on the sixth day. Shouldn't three chapters a day be six more?! So I am very diligent! The clothes of European nobles in the Middle Ages would not be worn only once or twice, and the time might be left for their daughters to wear. Even if the royal clothes were worn out, they would continue to be worn after repair, because good fabrics were very expensive at that time. It seemed that a princess had a velvet skirt, and the price of making it was changed according to the price at that time. Of course, this kind of clothes should be well maintained for future generations! The title system in this article mainly refers to the United Kingdom, so before the 15th century, the Marquis was not a formal noble rank, but a special title with the same status as the Earl. At that time, the title of the Marquis only indicated that their territory was close to the border, not that their status was higher than that of the Earl, so our earls could also be called marquises. In addition, there is no viscount in this article. Viscount was originally the official name of the Frankish Kingdom. It was first granted by King Charlemagne in the eighth century, and later spread to other continental countries in Europe. At first, the viscount was the deputy of the Earl, but later it existed independently and could be hereditary. The viscountcy did not come to England until the fifteenth century, when Beaumond John was first created an English viscount in 1944, ranking above the baronetcy. Chapter 55 The high-grade fabrics in the old tailor's shop were actually prepared for the nobles in the county. The biggest customer was naturally the Williams family. The fabrics that Wei Wei bought before were all samples that the old tailor brought to the castle. According to her preference, they were all simple but elegant styles. Those gorgeous colors that were more in line with the aristocratic aesthetic were less. Taking advantage of this trip, Wei Wei simply picked up a batch of cloth, because she thought that since she was going to Wangdu to attend the Queen's birthday party, then the three of them had to prepare their dresses separately. Although it is better to go to the tailor shop in Wangdu to customize, which is more in line with the aesthetic trend of Wangdu, but if there is an accident on the way to delay the journey, if that is the case, I am afraid they can not guarantee that the dress will be ready before the banquet. So to be on the safe side, prepare one now, even if it may not be in line with the trend, but at least it will not be rude to others. In addition, after they went to the royal capital, they might receive invitations from other nobles to dinner, even if they could not wear different dresses every time, but at least two or three different ones. So Wei Wei not only bought the cloth for the queen's dress, but also bought the cloth and fur that she liked, that Dolores liked and that was suitable for Felix and in line with her aesthetic. As soon as she did so, she directly picked up most of the high-grade cloth that had been piled up in the tailor's shop for a long time and spent half of the previous dividend bill of exchange, which made the other guests who witnessed the scene stare out of their eyes and made the old tailor's mouth go behind his ears. He had never thought that he could get such a big deal, so he took the fine linen embroidered with gold thread, and when he bought it back, he did not think that anyone could buy it all directly, but thought that it was very suitable for cutting into small pieces to make lace and decoration for clothes, which would not only improve the quality of clothes, but also be more acceptable to the nobles. And now, Wei Wei directly bought all the cloth,portable gold wash plant, although this let him lose a production cost, but just buy and sell the price difference of cloth, he made a lot of money.