Taoist priests in Jin Yong's world

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"Bully people too much, this water cloud faction is too arrogant!" "If I had known this, I wouldn't have humiliated myself. I wanted to show my support, but I was turned away. Oh, what a shame!" "Shh!"! Someone's coming! Suddenly there was a hiss in the crowd, one after another, one after another, people's comments suddenly disappeared, and the surroundings were quiet. Lin Xiaoqing, dressed in a moon white shirt, stood at the mountain pass. The breeze came slowly, and the shirt fluttered, showing a tall and graceful figure. Behind her was a thick fog rolling, a vast expanse of whiteness, which made her black hair like clouds, her cheeks white and flawless, delicate enough to be broken by blowing. Cough! Cough! Lin Xiaoqing's white jade catkin covered the front of the sandalwood mouth, gently coughed twice, and the mellow and soft voice rang in everyone's ears. They could not help but close their mouths and turn to look at her, Lin Xiaoqing bathed in a clear light, people can not look directly, like a fairy high above. Ladies and gentlemen, the little girl Lin Xiaoqing is very polite! She smiled, and her voice was charming and soft, and everyone felt that the anger in their hearts was like snow meeting boiling water, which melted away in a twinkling of an eye. Seeing them gaping at her, Lin Xiaoqing smiled and continued, "We only invited a few relatives and friends to get together at the entrance ceremony. I didn't expect you to be so enthusiastic. Thank you in advance, little girl!" Seeing that they were still in a daze, Lin Hsiao-ching went on to say in a tender tone, "It's just that we have a thin population and a narrow house. There's really no room for so many people." Elder Martial Brother has orders to invite ten swordsmen to go up the mountain to watch the ceremony. You can recommend them by yourself. Meet the little girl in person later. Then, without waiting for everyone to speak, he turned away, and the graceful and moving figure disappeared in the thick fog, which made everyone feel lost and come to their senses. There is no first in literature and no second in martial arts. People in the martial arts world are the most competitive. No one is convinced. There is no proof. How easy is it to elect ten people when you see the real chapter?! There were many enemies among them, but because of the common goal of Shuiyun Zhenjie, they temporarily suppressed their entanglements. At this time, it was inevitable that they would take the opportunity to break out. At the foot of Purple Mountain, there was a sudden surge of wind and clouds. Chapter 304 ceremony. With these ten places up the mountain, the mountain soon began to fight, and Xiao Yuesheng sat in the Canglan Pavilion, pitching up and down, with a sneer on his face. He is not an open-minded person. They are a group of Wulin characters who come to deceive people. Do they think that the Shuiyun Sect is easy to deceive? If they play a little trick, they will fall into the trap. This is human nature. It has nothing to do with anything else. It is a small revenge. Even if there is a clear-headed person, know that the water cloud faction is up to no good, but also powerless, everyone wants to occupy a quota, each other is not convinced, only the men see the real chapter. As for the water cloud faction pressure, but it is difficult to achieve, there is array protection, simply can not enter, shout out his voice and no one listens. In the end, Cantilever Storage rack , ten people were selected, but at the foot of the mountain, the smell of blood filled the air, the grass changed color, and nearly a hundred casualties were lamented. Even when Lin Hsiao-ching saw it on the mountain, she couldn't bear it, but when she thought about it, she couldn't blame her elder brother. It was their greed that caused it. They could only mourn their misfortune and anger their non-contention. These ten people, are not sainted, or martial arts, are outstanding, one of them, there was once Cheng yuanzhen. His three-ring sword was so powerful that he defeated several people in the crowd and ranked among the top ten. After one experience, his prestige increased sharply and he officially stepped into the ranks of first-class masters. Among the ten people, most of them are middle-aged and old people, and the youngest is Cheng yuanzhen. He was not a high-profile person, but was influenced by his teacher, who was a recluse with high martial arts skills, but was unknown to the public all his life. Not obvious in Wulin. The appearance of Lin Xiaoqing is moving and charming. Cheng yuanzhen, whose eyes were higher than the top, had a blank mind, only her smiling face. Although he tried to keep a low profile and was modest in appearance, he was very arrogant in his heart. He ignored all the women around him, the so-called chivalrous women in the martial arts world. They think that they are just vulgar, shallow and ignorant, and it is difficult to like them. Lin Xiaoqing first appeared, he can not extricate himself into the fall, the so-called love at first sight, is so, there is no reason to speak of. The Shuiyun Sect has always been closed. Disciples seldom go down the mountain. It is extremely difficult to see one another. How could he let go of this opportunity. So regardless of anything else, he tried his best to defeat several people and squeeze into the list of ten people. They had just chosen, and before they could take a breath, Lin Xiaoqing's tall and graceful figure suddenly appeared. It was as if it had come out of the lake and appeared in the thick fog, which was very abrupt. Heroes, have you ever decided? Lin Xiaoqing smiled, eyes flowing, looking at the romantic, fascinating, immediately eliminated the tense atmosphere in the field. A tall and thin old man stood out from the crowd and stepped forward. "Thank you, Nvxia Lin," he said with a smile. Lin Xiaoqing's eyes flashed. "You're a clumsy little girl," she said with a laugh. "I don't know who you are..?" "Old Beizhong Weak-weng." The old man had a smile on his face. He clasped his fists, but his voice was quite loud, which made his eardrums ache. Zhong Wei-weng has a long and thin face, sword eyebrows, red phoenix eyes, straight nose, a strange appearance, and his eyes are in high spirits, which makes people feel good. Lin Hsiao-ching frowned lightly and her eyes flashed like ripples in the clear autumn water. She hesitated a little and then said with a smile, "It's the name of the old hero who shook the North Bell with a sword. The little girl has admired him for a long time!" After she had a photographic memory, she remembered the famous figures in the martial arts world. The Shuiyun Sect has just set up the Qing Secret Pavilion, which specializes in intelligence, and has set up archives for these well-known figures in Wulin. This undeserved reputation is not worth mentioning. It makes Nvxia Lin laugh! "Zhong Wei-weng smiled faintly and looked indifferent." The old hero is really polite. "Lin Xiaoqing chuckled and looked at the rest of them." Haven't you asked these heroes yet? "She said in a charming voice. Everybody one by one forward, by Zhong Wei-weng in the side of the introduction, Lin Xiaoqing one by one to see the ceremony, there is no neglect of the color, the hearts of all comfortable, good feelings Dasheng. omracking.com