After the rebirth, I love the world.

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Jiang Wenhan gave him a meaningful look. Once upon a time, he was not familiar with Xiao Ji, only heard that he was cold and cold. When Ying Yao married him, her heart was a hundred unwilling. Get along down, but found that Xiao Ji is not as simple as the surface, the cold hard when cold hard, the mellow when mellow, but quite to his appetite. Jiang Wenhan took the tea and pointed to a pot of wine on the table and said to Xiao Ji, "Drink it." Xiao Ji took one look at him, did not ask why, looked up and drank all. Heroic dry cloud, worthy of being the son of King An, also live up to Duan Hongcheng's teaching. Jiang Wenhan praised silently. The dancer stepped on the lotus step, swaying. Unfortunately, no one appreciates it. Jiang Wenhan sipped his tea and said faintly, "After drinking, take her back to the palace." Xiao Ji took three steps back and was ten feet away from him in an instant. Father-in-law,heavy duty racking system, are you kidding? "Who has time to joke with you?" Jiang Wenhan snorted coldly, "as long as you are responsible for taking her in, you don't have to worry about anything else." Xiao Ji was so clever that he roughly guessed his intention when he heard him say so. Does your father-in-law want to use her to drive a wedge between Xiao Ling and Yan Shu? Clever. But I only guessed half of it. Jiang Wenhan's eyes were deep and cold. I suddenly brought back a dancer, how to explain to Ying Yao? Jiang Wenhan gave him a white look: "Before it's done, hide it from Ying Yao." Xiao Ji is at a loss for words. If he said so, wouldn't he be wronged? Jiang Wenhan saw through his thoughts and said coolly, "Do you still want to stain her eyes with this kind of pickling?" Jiang Wenhan regards Jiang Yingyao as the apple of his eye and takes care of her from childhood. He refuses to let her know anything dirty. In his eyes,radio shuttle racking, Jiang Yingyao is just a little girl who needs to be held in the palm of her hand. Xiao Ji pulled the corners of his mouth, silent for a long time, and finally spit out a "good" word. The heart has already turned a thousand times. Jiang Yingyao's enmity is his enmity, how can he have the heart to dirty her hands? Let him be the wicked. If there is any evil retribution in the future, it will also be retributed on him. I only hope that he and Yingyao don't have a rift because of this. Jiang Wenhan's heart became a governor, and soon he stayed and went out. Xiao Ji was forced to stay until the next morning to take the dancer Qianyue back to the palace. Qianyue was so open-minded that she took Xiao Ji's arm and entered the door. The boy at the gate looked straight at him. The women from the Western Regions are graceful and affectionate, and their clothes are different from those of the women from the Central Plains, with little cloth. Then look at his general, his face is like a cold moon, cold enough to form a thick layer of frost. Such two people walk together, it is really inconceivable. With Qianyue deliberately went around the garden, walked to the gate of the east courtyard, Steel racking system ,Narrow aisle rack, Xiao Ji skull pain, chest tightness, shortness of breath, heart beat faster. Pray to God and worship the Buddha. Don't let Ying Yao bump into you. It's a pity that the sky doesn't follow people's wishes. As soon as he entered the gate of the courtyard, the door opened. Jiang Yingyao came out from inside and saw Xiao Ji's hand on Qianyue's waist at a glance. Although the eastern courtyard is Xiao Ji's territory, there are also many people at the door of the palace who get up early to clean it. Xiao Ji promised Jiang Wenhan to conceal, afraid of revealing the truth, standing in place, do not know what to say. Qianyue beside him said a word with a smile. Jiang Yingyao turned away and slammed the door in front of all the servants. Xiao Ji opened his mouth and his heart suddenly tightened. Ying Yao must be very sad. Why did he promise Jiang Wenhan to do such a thing? He should have found another way to get the dancer into the house. Xiao Ji's intestines are regretful. Unfortunately, the arrow is on the string, and there is no way out. The hand on Qianyue's waist hung down unconsciously. Xiao Ji continued to lead Qianyue inside. Chu Rou just came over, and the little girl smiled at him on weekdays, but now she had a murderous look on her face. Xiao Ji stopped her and ordered, "Go and prepare a guest room for Miss Qianyue." "Guye, the maidservant is the young lady's personal servant girl, only serves the young lady.". You need to prepare the guest room and find someone else. With that, Chu Rou bitterly blessed her body and turned to Jiang Yingyao's bedroom. Xiao Ji was contradicted by her, but he could only swallow his pride. Who told him to love me, love my dog? It's just that he had already handed over the power of the servant girl in the eastern courtyard to Qiu Yu. Chu Rou doesn't care. Who is he looking for? With a smile on her face, Qianyue spread out her hands to him and said, "I'll go myself.". ” Xiao Ji looked at the back of her departure, thought for a long time and finally understood that she was going to play by herself. The task given to him by Jiang Wenhan is barely completed, right? Xiao Ji couldn't control so much and hurried to knock on the door. No one opened the door after knocking for a long time. Xiao Ji stood lonely in the doorway, suddenly some understanding of Jiang Wenhan was driven out of the mood. The bitter taste rose layer by layer, spread and filled the whole chest. In less than an hour, the eldest son did not return all night, brought the dancer back to the palace, and the news that the young lady had been shut out spread all over the palace. As Tao listened to the news that Mammy Feng had brought back, he twirled the beads one by one and said, "Hum, I thought there was a long love in the Xiao family, but I didn't expect that he and his father were the same kind of people." "Empress, you can't say that." "Mammy Feng was so anxious that she almost covered her mouth." What else can't you say when you're in such a situation? Dow stroked his sideburns resentfully, and in just over a month, he gave birth to a pile of white hair. You go to warn Ling son, let him take good care of Shu son. Don't make any more trouble. Dow Road. Yes. The maidservant is going. Mammy Feng was late after all. When Xiao Ling was strolling in the garden, he met a blonde beauty. The beauty was charming and spoke a foreign language that he could not understand. Although he could not understand the words, he understood the body language very well when he was used to romantic scenes. Only saw one side, three souls and seven souls were hooked. When Mammy Feng passed Tao's words to him,Pallet rack supplier, Xiao Ling's mind was full of pictures of beautiful women. He answered casually, thinking about how to get people in his hands. Qianyue wandered back as if nothing had happened. Xiao Ji went on duty and ordered Qiu Yu to arrange accommodation for her. Qiu Yu is different from Chu Rou. She won't fight against each other. She would only deliberately put Qianyue in the room nearest to the toilet. This is the smell, see how long the little fox spirit can stay? Qiuyu looked at Qianyue with eyes that could poke her seventeen or eight holes.