Earthly fate

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When Yuzi entered the meeting hall, she clearly felt that there were a few more pairs of eyes staring at her behind her

"How can I blame you?" Said Ziwei Zhenren? Which of the other seven veins does not want to glorify the portal and suppress other branches? What they are for is not what I left behind after I completed my work. How can you subdue them? If they are not obsessed with this, with their aptitude, cultivation is more than that? There was silence again in the hall, and the atmosphere was much more depressing than before. The dispute over the gate within the Dao De Sect began a thousand years ago, and it can be said that it has been a serious disease for many years and has already gone deep into the bone marrow. How is it possible to turn the situation around with the efforts of a few people for decades. (First issue in Changjiang Chinese). Ziyang Zhenren hesitated for a moment and then opened his mouth and said, "Master, this departure from the pass is a great event of my whole right path. With you in charge of the overall situation and the banished immortals in your hands, the leader of our moral sect, Zhengdao, looks down on all the people. That's just around the corner." "Is the leader right and arrogant?" Ziwei Zhenren gave a cry and said, "What does this mean to my Daodezong?"? Is it possible to resolve the struggle between the seven real people? Fortunately, although the seven real people have been fighting for decades, there is still a limit to what they have done, and they have not gone beyond the rules of the door and damaged the reputation of our moral sect. Welcome! "Then, Ziwei Zhenren's tone sank and said:" Elder Martial Brother Ziyang, this time I have discovered the secret of heaven and robbed the banished immortal back to the clan. I have already made a lot of mistakes. In a few days, I will retreat again. Elder Martial Brother will have to take care of the affairs of the clan again. " Ziyang Zhenren originally thought that he would have to stay for a period of time to take care of the internal affairs of the clan. With the prestige of Ziwei Zhenren, some long-standing grudges of Qimai may be resolved. But he never expected that the master would retreat again in a few days. In just a few days, how could he explain clearly the affairs of the clan in the past 30 years? So Ziyang Zhenren was taken aback and said hurriedly, "But.." Ziwei Zhenren raised his hand slightly and did not let Ziyang go on. He walked back and forth in the hall several times, frowning and confused, as if there was something difficult to decide. Moments later, Ziwei Zhenren stopped and stood in front of Ziyang Zhenren. He said slowly, "I just made a plot, but I can't figure out Ji Ruochen's future luck.". Although he is the reincarnation of a banished immortal, he has become an ordinary person,gold CIP machine, and I have no reason not to see through his fate. In addition, this time there are many sects to explore the secret, come to rob people, this matter is also very strange. It is reasonable to say that with Mr. Soseki and the Seven Holy Mountains, how can they possibly foretell the secret of heaven? When Ziyang Zhenren heard this, he didn't take it seriously. "You're worrying too much," he said! Had it not been for the fact that you had discovered the secret half a day earlier, how could we have seized the opportunity to be fully prepared and suppress the people of other factions at one stroke? The gap in this magical power is not small! Ziwei Zhenren shook his head. His face turned pale and he solemnly exhorted, "Anyway, Elder Martial Brother, you must be careful in the future and protect Ji Ruochen.". (First issue in Changjiang Chinese). Now Ji Ruochen's identity has been broken, no matter the right way or the evil way, now that he knows that he is a banished immortal, sodium cyanide price ,magnetic separator machine, he will come to rob people by hook or by crook. Maybe some old monsters who have not been born for a hundred years will also get involved. In the future, I'm afraid there will be a lot of right and wrong at the gate of Daodezong. Hey, it's just that my moral sect has been passed down for three thousand years. How can it be destroyed by our hands? Elder Martial Brotherther Ziyang, I look at the Western Hills in the distance. There is the color of blood in the rosy clouds. I'm afraid that my Daodezong will have a difficult situation in the future. [Changjiang Chinese First Issue]. You can call me out at that time. I fight but don't want to fly to the fruit of cultivating immortals, but also to annihilate the enemy! Ziyang Zhenren hurriedly answered. After pondering for a moment, Ziwei suddenly sighed with a weary look on his face and said, "Actually, the secret of heaven is hard to fathom. I just got a glimpse of it. I thought I had got the secret of heaven. I knew the past and the future through Yin and Yang. Hey, I'm really arrogant!"! If I really know what will happen in the future, why is this moral sect in such a mess that I can do nothing about it? With that, Ziwei looked disappointed, waved his hand, and went into the rear hall. The next day when the sky was bright, Ji Ruochen was led by a small Taoist priest to the Taichang Palace where Ziyang Zhenren lived. For him, at this moment, every step, every scene, there is a feeling of being in a dream. Look at the magnificent Taichang Palace, which is covered by mountains and trees, like a fairyland in Penglai, like Qionglou Yuyu. It is no exaggeration to call it a fairyland. Changjiang Chinese No Pop-up Window If Ji Ruochen was still in the Longmen Inn, even if he was killed, he would not have thought that there would be such a grand place in the world. At this time, of course, he already knew that these real monks were not real immortals, but in terms of supernatural power alone, the immortals he could think of were just so so. The only fly in the ointment was that the vegetarian meal in the Taishang Moral Palace tasted a little worse. In terms of a new word he had learned, it was full of craftsmanship but not spiritual. If we compare this vegetarian meal with the soup of human meat buns and bones of the shopkeeper's wife, it is really the difference between heaven and earth. The Taichang Palace of the Taoist Priest of Ziyang has a majestic appearance, but when you enter it, you will feel refined but not vulgar, elegant but out of the dust, not luxurious. Purple bamboos and palms are planted everywhere in the courtyard, and there are several plantains. The wind in the courtyard is gentle and warm, and the water is soft and ripples. It is a scene of the South China Sea. (First issue in Changjiang Chinese). Ji Ruochen entered the main hall and saw that the man in the middle was a benevolent old man, who was Ziyang Zhenren. He was so well-behaved that he immediately bowed down and called himself a fairy. Ziyang real person ha ha a smile, calmly received his eight rings, and then also did not see the movement, own a gentle and vigorous will Ji Ruochen hold up, stand in front of him. Ziyang Zhenren looked up and down at Ji Ruochen and said slowly, "Since you are willing to stand on the wall of my moral sect, you naturally have to obey the rules of my sect.". The leader of the Moral Sect takes the right path and puts sincerity first. Let me ask you,small gold wash plant, how many evil things have you done against your elders in the past few years? Ji Ruochen was startled. He immediately knelt down and replied, "I've been wandering all the way since I can remember. It wasn't until I arrived at the Longmen Inn outside the pass that I was taken in by the shopkeeper.". Over the years, I have always remembered the kindness of the shopkeeper and the shopkeeper's wife. I have done my best and never disobeyed my elders. No pop-up window in Changjiang Chinese.