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The old man knew the trick, but Gu Qiancheng was not aggressive, and he would not ask about it on his own initiative. There is not so much right and wrong in the backyard, only whether it is done beautifully or not. Old Master Gu is a shrewd man,ceramic welding tape, and naturally he will

If Bibidon is compared with Poseidon, it is not a level at all. The sacred breath of Poseidon does not come from the power of the sea God. Moreover, in her body, the energy of the sea God has been imperceptibly influenced into every energy, including her nine soul rings, which are full of the breath of the Sea God. If you have to let Tang San find a reference to compare, Tang San can only think of a thousand snow, in front of Poseidon, like a thousand snow without the tenth soul ring. Although she is still ninety-nine, there is no doubt that one of her feet has stepped into the level of God, only because of her mission that she can never really enter that world. No wonder, with the powerful strength of the deep-sea whale king, he did not dare to get too close to Poseidon Island, let alone to compete with it. With Poseidon and the power of the sea God condensed on the island, it is almost impossible for the present snow to destroy the island. This is the power that Poseidon left behind, and the power that Poseidon gained by being loyal to Poseid. The faint light flickered, and the look on Tang San's face became very calm. He was waiting silently for the last moment to come. As soon as the figure flashed, Poseidon's body had changed its position, moving from standing side by side with Tang San to standing in front of him, facing him. Even Poseidon's eyes had turned golden, and the nine soul rings on her body had expanded at the same time,ceramic bobbin heater, increasing to three meters in diameter. Tang San felt a burst of warm energy passing over him, and his body was enveloped by the nine soul rings of Poseidon. Nine pale golden soul rings enveloped two people at the same time, which was the first time that the Shrek Seven had seen such a wonderful scene. The huge energy fluctuations are still very soft, but the lighted Temple of the Sea God has become extremely dazzling. Most of the bright magic patterns appear in the form of waves in the temple of the sea God, which are densely distributed on the roof, walls and seven platforms under their feet. The golden light, like mercury, flowed slowly, and the sacred energy fluctuations made the air here seem to be pregnant with the breath of Poseidon. The scepter in Poseidon's hand was now between her and Tang San, and the golden diamond-shaped gem in his palm became brighter and brighter, but the light was not dazzling at all. Under the golden light, ceramic bobbin heater core ,ceramic igniter electrodes, the brand of Poseidon's trident on Tang San's forehead gradually shone, and the warm feeling spread all over his body in an instant. At this moment, Tang San felt that every cell of his whole body seemed to be active and dancing heartily. It was also at this moment that the energy of Shura, which had not been suppressed by the energy of Poseidon, was gradually oppressed by the gentle and warm energy, which faded from Tang San's left arm bit by bit, and could no longer be the force that hindered the spread of Poseidon's energy throughout Tang San's body. Vaguely, Tang San felt that the power of Shura had been forced back into his Haotian Hammer by the power of Poseidon in the Temple of Poseidon. The Temple of the Sea God feels like a huge law array, and the central platform where Tang San is located is the eye of the law array. The golden hexagram began to light up at the feet of Tang San and Poseidon. The huge golden hexagram was five meters in diameter. The six corners of the hexagram pointed to the other six platforms. Six golden lights were released from the six corners and shot onto the six platforms. Suddenly, six huge golden light pillars suddenly rose from the six platforms, each of which covered the platform, and at the same time completely swallowed up the bodies of Tang San's six partners. The six monsters clearly felt that their bodies were pulled by a strange energy, and their mental powers were all in a wonderful world, in which a special mental wave was connected to their souls, and in their minds, they felt like they were supporting a pillar of the house, and their bodies could no longer move. Even the rhythm of breathing was controlled by the golden light. Poseidon gazed at Tang San with a faint smile at the corners of his mouth. "Tang San, are you really ready?" Tang San did not retreat at all and looked at Poseidon's eyes clearly. "Yes, I'm ready.". ” Poseidon's voice suddenly became serious. "Poseidon is the God who controls all living things in the sea.". As the inheritor of Poseidon, you will spare no effort to protect your people. Tang San, can you do that? "I can," said Tang San without hesitation. Poseidon asked again, "Poseidon is the spokesman of light and the master of the sea. Can you keep the goodness in your heart forever and use the power of Poseid for justice forever?" Tang San once again affirmed: "I will bring the justice of Poseidon to the world." Poseidon said, "Poseidon has the power to control everything in the sea. As the inheritor of Poseidons, the new generation of Poseidons, you must always remember that you cannot humiliate the prestige of Pose. You must spread the divine light of Pose in every corner of the sea. You must use your divine power to assist your people and not let any foreign enemies invade." "Yes, I will do it." Poseidon's eyes seemed to penetrate Tang San's body, and they made eye contact. Tang San did not try to dodge or block it, letting Poseidon's sharp eyes look into the deepest part of his eyes, as if he were looking through his soul. He knew that Poseidon's question was not a routine inquiry, but an inquiry made on behalf of Poseidon. It also came from the test of Poseid. If there was any hesitation in Tang San's heart at this time, he would not be able to inherit the power of Poseid. What Poseidon sees is Tang San's inner world, and what she captures with her eyes is also a perfect inner world. Nodding his head with satisfaction, Poseidon pointed his scepter forward and let the diamond-shaped golden gem on the scepter stick to the trident brand of the sea God on Tang San's forehead. "The glory of the sea God will continue because of you." A scorching energy suddenly poured into Tang San's mind from the diamond-shaped gem. Tang San felt as if his soul had exploded in an instant. The old and vigorous voice that had appeared many times sounded again at this moment, and was full of passionate emotions. "Poseidon Nine Tests,ceramic bobbin element, Ninth Tests, Poseidon Inheritance, Start." 。 global-ceramics.com