Forty thousand years of cultivation

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Will you two stop being so boring? After all, it's just one person. No way "No." The two guys suddenly said in unison. Yikes. Lan Xiao how do not know they actually so tacit understanding, even the tone and words are the same.

"Therefore, I strongly suggest that when you arrive at Tianyuan Realm and find the Firefly beside you, you immediately isolate me and never believe every word I say, even if I tell you that I have successfully suppressed the Bloodline Clan, don't believe it!" "At that time, it was very likely that I, like the northwest of Yan in the past, had been completely controlled by the Bloodline Clan." "If you don't find the Firefly, don't worry, it's good news that my plan worked, at least it worked.." A little half. "I've gone home, just landed on the other side of the house." "There are too many constraints and worries in the two realms of Tianyuan and Feixing. I have to worry about the blood stripe clan infecting my relatives, friends and compatriots all the time." "It may even take advantage of the short moment of manipulating me to do something insane, such as killing one of my relatives and friends, in order to shake my heart in this way." "Ask yourself, if a relative or friend really died in my hands,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, I have no confidence at all.". Be able to adhere to the Tao with a firm and unshakable heart. "The blood demon world is different." There, I have no worries or worries. Can unscrupulously fight thirty thousand rounds of the Bloodprint Clan, even if it is occasionally manipulated by it. It doesn't matter if you inspire a strong desire to kill. There are no friends there, only enemies. "Time is running out, so be it." "I'm sorry I didn't tell you the truth earlier. It's not that I don't believe you. This is the battle. I can only choose to fight alone." I'm sorry. Wu Mayan and Xie Anan, there was a time in the past when my attitude was not very good, which made you afraid. "Finally.." I'm sorry,hot tub spa manufacturers, Ding Ling. "It was agreed that I would go home and reunite with you in ten years at most, but now it seems that I'm afraid I'll have to delay a few years in the blood demon world to thoroughly refine the blood stripe clan, so" Even when you say "I'm sorry". Li Yao's mouth is still frozen with a stiff smile. But in the depths of his eyes, there was a tiny star shining, as if there were two hot liquids to surge out. His voice stopped abruptly. Before the tears welled up in his eyes, he reached out and closed his eyes. The picture is frozen at this moment, gradually transparent and dissipated, like a small spark shining faintly after the brilliant fireworks. Silence reigned on the bridge. Everyone was shocked by the thrilling secret battle. They could not imagine that while they were happily planning to go home, Li Yao was alone, and a more terrible enemy than the skeleton dragon demon, Xiao Xuance and the star child, Whirlpool bathtub ,whirlpool hot tub, had such a strange fight. Such a dangerous battle! "Li Yao." Lei Dalu, Bai Kaixin, Luoxingzi and Professor Mo Xuan all lost their minds. Master.. Wu Mayan and Xie Anan. He clenched his fists and broke down in tears. Boom! Red-haired commando leader from the Great Wilderness. Rising into the sky, burning long hair, but it is adding fuel to the fire, the flame is more fierce, the outer flame turned purple! The red-haired commando captain's eyes shone with an extremely dangerous light. He gnashed his teeth and said, "Li Yao, you bastard.." "You" Wu Ma Yan was stunned and immediately became furious. "Why did you scold my master?" The red-haired commando captain snorted coldly, and suddenly a salamander shot out of his head at Wu Ma Yan at the speed of lightning. Wu Ma Yan was caught off guard, unexpectedly was rolled up, the body suddenly jumped out of hundreds of thousands of small flames! Everyone turned pale with fright, and the practitioners from the world of flying stars were even more dumbfounded. Over the past few years, Wu Ma Yan has been practicing crazily. He has successfully broken through the ninety-five levels of the Qi refining period and marched to the highest realm of the legendary Qi refining period of more than one hundred levels. His fighting capacity is comparable to that of a monk at the peak of building a foundation. Even for a monk at the beginning of the Dan period, he may not be afraid. The red-haired friar, who was at most ten years older than him, had no power to fight back when he was captured in one move? This man's strength is unfathomable! The red-haired commando captain rolled Wu Ma Yan in front of him, and the flame's long hair was like a salamander, hissing, and swimming around Wu Ma Yan. Wu Ma Yan grinned in pain and kicked his feet, but he couldn't kick the other side. He could only shout: "My master is a great hero of indomitable spirit. In order not to let the blood stripe clan spread out, he didn't even go back to the home he missed day and night. He drifted to the blood demon world alone!"! Why do you scold my master? "Why?" The red-haired commando captain snorted softly and said, "I've been waiting for him for ten years. I'm sorry. Can't I still scold him?" Wu Ma Yan is stupefied: "Ah?" The red-haired commando captain glanced up and down at Wu Mayan and said, "You are loyal to your master, but Li Yao doesn't seem to be very good at teaching his disciples. The disciples he teaches are so soft that they can't even stop me!" "It seems that his teaching method is too soft-hearted. In the future, let the teacher's wife teach you well!" "Teacher, teacher's wife?" Wu Ma Yan involuntarily shivered and had a premonition that he would have a hard time in the future. Red-haired commando captain laughed more and more dangerous: "Look at your foundation, but also strong enough, training for a year and a half, should be qualified to go with me to the blood demon world?" "Blood Demon World?" Wu Ma Yan was even more startled. That's right The redheaded commando captain licked the corners of his mouth and moved his phalanges slowly, his joints "crackling" like thunder, which made people shudder. I am not a person who likes to wait, waiting for ten years, has been enough to give him face, since he does not come back, then I will go to the blood demon world, drag him back! "Blood stripe clan, right?"? Dare to rob a man with me? "I want to die!" [Flying Star Chapter,China spa factory, End.] [Blood Demon, Start Tomorrow!] …… "Idiot, what do you think a demon is?" …… "Destroy!"! Reborn! Immortal! …… "Don't be silly. I'm a demon and I always will be." ……。