I wore it five thousand years too early.

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Will you two stop being so boring? After all, it's just one person. No way "No." The two guys suddenly said in unison. Yikes. Lan Xiao how do not know they actually so tacit understanding, even the tone and words are the same.

After several disciples got the gifts, they saw that Ye, Zhou and Shen Weilan had something to say. They left one after another and returned to Lingshan Mountain where they lived. Melia toosendan also returned to the training ground and began to practice. "I didn't expect that you had received so many apprentices in your mind." Seeing the children gone, Ye Yiqing sighed. Back in the day? What did you say at that time? Shen Weilan hurriedly looked at the memory, the side of Zhou Zizhen also looked at the elder sister and Shen Weilan with doubts. This is also the reason why Shen Weilan stayed at Zongmen on weekdays these years and did not visit his former friends. Although he is a combination of spirit and soul, two people are one person, but there are still some changes with the former Shen Weilan, these people are familiar with Shen Weilan, coupled with the Tibetan source world has been said to take away, two phases and one addition, Shenweilan is even more dangerous. But now almost a hundred years have passed, and now Shen Weilan is not afraid of anything in front of these people, but if they mention some subtleties, they still need to think carefully. In an instant, Shen Weilan thought that he envied Ye Yiqing for having a younger martial sister, but he was just a lonely person, and he could not let her accept more apprentices in the master, so he had to come by himself. At the beginning, I told Ye Yiqing that when I could accept disciples in the future, I must accept more than ten or twenty disciples, so that Tianxing Zong would be lively. This is what Shen Weilan and Ye Yiqing said when they were together, but Zhou Zizhen didn't know. A dozen or twenty.. Well,endless pool factory, I really dared to think about it at the beginning, and now five is already very difficult. Thinking of his bold words at the beginning, Shen Weilan blushed slightly and waved his hand hurriedly: "What I said at that time was not serious. I just looked at these children and felt happy in my heart. I felt that they were predestined to me, so I accepted them." "Ye Yiqing nods, also no longer continues on this question, then straightens the face, starts to talk about this time to come to the business." It's going to be a conference on Taoism in the five States. Will Tianxing Zongshen attend this time? On Tao Congress? This word is somewhat familiar, Shen Weilan slightly thought to remember,outdoor whirlpool, this is not when in Lihe City from the mouth of those casual practitioners heard it. But counting the time, it's really bad, but it's going to be carried out. Five States on the road conference, Ming for the road, is actually five States once in five hundred years to find out the meeting, of course, is also a famous conference. At this meeting, the five States, from the elders of the clan to the casual practitioners, will come to the stage one after another to compete and determine the strength of the five States by winning or losing. At the same time, there is also a clan meeting, in which disciples who have practiced for less than a hundred years come to the stage to compete, and judge the potential of the clan by their performance, so as to rank the five States. Of course, this list has nothing to do with Tianxingzong. All the hermits in the Tibetan source world will not participate. As for the five-state conference, this is a bit troublesome. In the past, jacuzzi suppliers ,jacuzzi manufacturers, Tianxingzong was a strong Taoist monarch, and he also left a great prestige at the Taoist conference, which added a lot of luster to Nanzhou. Now I go, a yuan Ying early, inevitably some lack of confidence. And Yan back to the door is the same situation, said the ascension ceremony ahead of time really pit a lot of hidden. After pondering for a while, Shen Weilan opened her mouth and said, "Elder Martial Sister Yiqing, to tell you the truth, if you hadn't mentioned it, I would have almost forgotten it.". However, I remember that the Taoism Conference will send out invitations to all the hidden sects. Have you received the invitations? "That's not true." Ye Yiqing shook his head and continued, "I forgot about it like you, and I can remember it because Taixu Zong of Zhongzhou invited me to go with him after receiving the invitation.". The conference was held in Zhongzhou, so the Zongmen over there received the invitation earlier than ours. I think we should be on the way to Nanzhou, but I don't know if there is one of them. As soon as the words came out, Ye Yiqing himself laughed, "Oh, it's funny to say.". This post has arrived. I am worried about whether I should go or not. If I don't return to the door in this post, I will worry that Zongmen is not as good as before. Shen Weilan also then a smile, this said to go, whether it is on the conference or the invitation, is nothing more than for the "name" of the word. On the conference to determine the strength of the five States, the five States in the name of the monks, and this invitation, received the invitation is naturally infinite scenery, and did not receive, or even once had but now no will be ashamed to see people. Although Shen Weilan himself did not care, but when it came to Tianxing Zong, he could not help but care. If he had not received the invitation, the clan left by the patriarch of the past Dynasties would have made people laugh. But the invitation was still on the way, and the three of them put it down after sighing for a while. The point is still to talk about whether or not to participate and how to participate. Shen Weilan first opened his mouth with a wry smile: "I'm not afraid of the jokes of the two of you. I, Tianxing Zong, once appeared at the meeting of discussing Taoism. Now I appear at the meeting in a small period of yuan Ying. Even if others don't say it, I feel bad." "Who says it's not?" Ye Yiqing thinks so deeply, she is also yuan Ying period now, but it is a lot worse than their own masters and ancestors. As soon as the grand ceremony suddenly came out, those Xianzong naturally had nothing to do, and only those of us suffered. One side of Zhou Zizhen also nodded, although she does not like to manage the clan things, some impulse, but for the elder sister said these she still knows. But in that case we must go, now hidden decline, if you refute the face of those who cross the robbery can be even more difficult. The Wuzhou Congress was first initiated by the top Daojun of the Wuzhou, and this tradition has been passed down from generation to generation. However, they are hidden behind the scenes and have rarely appeared in recent years, which has led most people to forget them. Ye Yiqing immediately nodded after thinking of this, "Fortunately, Weilan you reminded me that these robbery ancestors are not easy to mess with,jacuzzi swim spa, it seems that this time must go, alas." After a deep sigh, Ye Yiqing adjusted her mood and began to discuss with Shen Weilan how to go to Zhongzhou. Just follow the usual practice. What's the problem with this? Shen Weilan was puzzled. monalisa.com