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Pray that Fu Ya, who had fallen into his arms, would embrace him at the waist, and his cold eyes would sweep to Han Ming,Walking tape measure, "Back to the palace." "No, Your Majesty. If you don't put her back, you will start a war." Han Ming stopped the step

Body to Chai Zhe lead, at first glance, like a half-push. Min Zijian was almost furious. Without waiting for Chai Zhe to finish, he rushed closer and shouted angrily, "Let go!"! How decent is it? You As soon as Chai Zhe got better, he let go and said with a smile, "Brother Zijian, calm down. Since you don't want to talk about these things, don't talk about them. Let's How about a wild eagle? Min Zijian stood with his arms akimbo and said angrily, "Just talk about it, but you are not allowed to talk about my sister." "Well, do you know that I have found out the bottom of the wild eagle?" You.. Did you find out? Min Zijian asked in surprise. Yes, I've got it all figured out. "Tell me about it." "He is Duanmu Yingyang, the God of retribution. There is a scar on his face, which was left for him by the next generation.". His former nest is in Chen. The state mountain area, now do the running dog of the strict thief father and son. He has two sons and a daughter. The eldest son, Duanmu Nagao, is married. The second son, Chang Feng, A third-rate person who has no idea of what is good and what is bad. Three female purple cloud, an insolent wench, is very beautiful, once she once to under Show affection, but I don't want this kind of bitch with slave blood. But the eldest daughter-in-law of the retribution God, drink! Born so beautiful,Diameter tape measure, only Yes! Only "How is she?" Min Zijian asked with a livid face. It was a woman who was a husband, and I heard that the time on the bed. "Brother Chai, don't be wicked, will you?" Boss Yu gave a strange cry. It's not immoral, it's a fact. Chai Zhe said as if nothing had happened. "Well," he added with a smile, "don't talk about losing virtue. Talk about that. Duanmu Changxiong. This guy, huh! Is not a good thing, in Chenzhou,horse weight tape, who does not know he is a live bastard? And he also has a hand. Specializing in doing some harmful things, killing people, setting fires, picking flowers, fooling around with the powder heads of brothels, and even.. "Nonsense! I won't listen to you." Min Zijian shouted angrily. You don't have to listen, you don't have to listen, but you can't forbid me to say, can you? Know your enemy and know yourself, and you will win every battle. We are about to Fight a decisive battle with Duanmu Yingyang, expose his bottom and let everyone know each other, isn't it knowing the enemy? I am not a stranger to Duanmu Yingyang. Life, and his family's despicable and shameless accounts to you to listen to, it is not difficult to know his personality. Good. He's early. He was famous for his chivalry in Jianghu. However, the mud does not paste on the wall, born with cheap bones, eight generations of slaves, Surveyors tape measure ,Fish measuring board, the roots of slaves handed down from ancestors are cheap. Sex, finally today his late festival is not firm, still embarked on the way to be a slave's slave, willing to be dirty, humble than a dog. Etc. He picked up the knife of murder and the torch of arson, and knelt at the feet of Yan Nian's slave, waiting for the slave to give orders to him. He's old Wife.. At this moment, Runzijian raised his hands together, and his shadow was like lightning. At the same moment, Min Zikang twisted his body and stretched out a dragon tube from under his clothes. The spring of the machine suddenly rang, and the shadow of the needle approached him. Minjiang Mo Jiao and Yu Laoda almost rolled down at the same time, far away. Chai Zhe, with his hands outstretched, sat on the ground with his chest out, and the needle came like a rainstorm, completely shooting at his chest and abdomen, unable to enter the body. Fall to the ground one after another. There were three flying needles shooting at the five senses, which were blocked by the food bags he threw aside at an unknown time. He stood up and sneered, "I'm just waiting for you to show your true colors.". He cursed your parents and ancestors for eighteen generations to your face. How can a pretentious person like you stand it? Min Zijian brother and sister frightened, close surprise attack with a hidden weapon, unexpectedly missed, can not shoot the body of Chai Zhe, bad. Two The man stepped back in a daze as if he had seen a ghost. Chai Zhe pointed to Min Zikang and asked coldly, "You've come from Shangang Village. Why don't you know I've found out your bottom line?"? Your father's nail and the family teacher's deadly arrow are not more powerful than Luo Zai's short walking stick? You borrowed the overbearing hidden weapon of the thief. To deal with me, know must be your father's instructions, still unrepentant, end is the heart of a tiger. Duanmu Nagao, you and your wife Join hands, and I'll give you a fair fight. Or surrender. Two roads. You can't change your way if you set foot on the road. Here you are. You count five times to decide the choice. Duanmu Changxiong moved to the left and turned his eyes. Sir, you can't get away. You're dying of this heart. One Chai Zhe scolded coldly. There are two of us in charge underwater, and we are dead. The Mojiao of the Minjiang River is strange. "Two" "Call for help, loudly." Boss Yu also followed the strange cry. Three Duanmu Changxiong turned his head and ran away. The figure flashed quickly. Chai Zhe appeared in front of his eyes like a ghost. He shouted harshly, "Four!" Min Zikang hurriedly put the five poison quenching needles into the short walking stick of Panlong, looking in a hurry. Five Chai Zhe drank deeply. Two people left and right one point, run wildly. Ah Two feet away, Duanmu Nagao, who had just landed, screamed wildly, but his feet touched the ground but he could not stand firm and fell down. Right leg How can you stand firm when you get an iron arrow? Min Zikang jumped out twenty feet and heard a loud shout behind him: "Stop!" She twisted around and pointed to the short walking stick and sent out the needle to quench the poison. However, there was no one behind him, and then a big hand was put on his shoulder. She jerked her elbow back and drew her sword. The elbow fell, the sword was not drawn, the throat was locked by an iron arm, unable to make a sound, she desperately used her hand. He twisted his hand, which was locked under his throat, and kicked his feet backwards in despair. After a while, he lost the strength of struggle and stretched out his tongue. Roll your eyes white. Chai Zhe threw her beside Duanmu Changxiong, and the tip of his boot caught the Yangguan point under the 16th spine of Duanmu Changxiong, and his whole body was soft. "" I leave a point of friendship, do not kill you, you will be given to the eight demons, they must be very happy. Chai Zhe is gloomy Say. Min Zikang breathed a sigh of relief and cried, "Brother Chai, please.." Please,Walking measuring wheel, I can't help you. By myself, I.. "Did you plot against Miss Pei?" Chai Zhe asked. Yes. I I'm just serving.. Do what you're told. "Where is she now?" I.. I really don't know. "Your father-in-law went to Laojiadu?" "Yes, with Luo Longwen." "Where is the family teacher?" "I don't know. He didn't go by boat." "You won't forget my warning in Shangang Village. Why did the Lord send you to assassinate me?" 。 tapemeasure.net